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Domestic Violence Inventory – Juvenile


DVI is the acronym for Domestic Violence Inventory

The DVI-Juvenile is a troubled youth (12 to 17 years) test for evaluating teenagers accused or convicted of domestic violence. The DVI-Juvenile consists of 149 items (true-false and multiple choice questions) and takes 25 to 30 minutes to complete. From computer data (answers) entry, DVI-Juvenile tests are scored with their 3–page reports printed within 2 ½ minutes. The DVI-Juvenile has been standardized on male and female juvenile offenders.

At one sitting of approximately 25 to 30 minutes duration, staff can acquire a vast amount of troubled youth information. And when problems exist, early problem identification facilitates timely intervention and improved outcomes.

To review an example report, click here example report

Two Ways to Administer DVI-Juvenile Tests

1. Diskettes or USB Flash Drives (, or

2. Internet or Online Testing (

At you can administer the DVI-Juvenile (on-screen or by paper/pencil) and at your convenience, enter the test data (answers) into the computer and get a scored and printed 3 page report. Additional information can be provided upon request. Our e-mail address is

DVI-Juvenile Applications

• Assessment of juveniles accused or convicted of domestic violence.

• Juvenile courts, family courts and pre-sentence investigations.

• Juvenile Probation Departments and detention facilities.

• Juvenile Outpatient Services.


1. Truthfulness Scale: Measures how truthful the juvenile was while completing the DVI-Juvenile assessment instrument or test.

2. Violence Scale: Measures a juvenile’s dangerousness to himself and others. Violence is manifested in physical, emotional and verbal abuse.

3. Control Scale: Control refers to the process of regulating, restraining or controlling others. Controlling behaviors vary from intimidation, and swearing to battering.

4. Alcohol Scale: Measures the severity of alcohol use or abuse. Alcohol refers to beer, wine and other liquors.

5. Drug Scale: Measures the severity of drug (prescription and non-prescription drug) use.

6. Stress Coping Scale: Measures the youth’s ability to cope effectively with tension, pressure and stress.


Screening or assessment instruments filter out juveniles with severe problems who may require referral for counseling or treatment. This filtering system works as follows:

Risk Category

Risk Range Percentile

Total Percentage

Low Risk

0 - 39%


Medium Risk

40 - 69%


Problem Risk

70 - 89%


Severe Problem

90 - 100%


Reference to the above table shows that a problem is not identified until a scale score is at or above the 70th percentile. These risk range percentiles are based upon thousands of juveniles that have completed the DVI-Juvenile. This procedure is fair and avoids extremes, such as over-identification and under-identification of problems and risk.

Early DVI-Juvenile studies used criterion measures and were validated with other tests, e.g. Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI), 16 PF, ACDI-Corrections Version II, Taylor Manifest Anxiety Scale, Treatment Intervention Inventory-Juvenile, etc.

If you are looking for a comprehensive (6 scales, domains) reliable, valid and accurate juvenile assessment we recommend you consider the DVI-Juvenile.


More DVI-Juvenile information is available at Which also provides an example DVI-Juvenile Report. DVI-Juvenile research is summarized on

DVI Pre-Post

The DVI website describes the DVI treatment effectiveness or outcome test and provides an example report. The DVI Pre-Post is a separate DVI- treatment outcome assessment instrument or test.


DVI-Juvenile Cost is $9.95 (U.S.) per test. There are no start-up fees or concealed costs and test booklets, answer sheets, Training Manuals, ongoing research and support services are all included in the $9.95 fee.

Volume discounts are available. Contact for more information.


  • Truthfulness Scale          •Reliable, Valid & Accurate
  • Free Support Services    •Evidence Based Assessment
  • HIPAA Compliant             •Sound Basis for Decisions

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